Honest period article because I never found anything as related as this one.

Periods are one of the most underrated topics ever. It's "that time of the month.", "It sucks." , "It hurts" etc. are only what we read everywhere. I would have really loved an article which could truly describe periods but apparently it is something that cannot be talked clear and loud in public so there... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it's okay to take a long break from routine life. To do something offbeat. To try and explore things yu never imagined of. To meet some people whose lives are poles apart from ours. To become them for once. I recently had one such amazing experience and I am gonna share it soon. Keep... Continue Reading →

Tell people about your failures, about hardships you had to go through, about your perseverance and the number of emotional breakdowns you had that brought you success. That's what would inspire people to work towards their goals, becuase success stories are everywhere, what's missing is the true story behind it.

Need Suggestions!

I need a life where I can wake up early and do some yoga/exercise for an hour. Give 15-20 minutes to newspaper reading. Have a healthy breakfast. Nothing in fancy but  enough to give me nutrition to work all day. Also, I don't like cooking so should have enough money to afford a maid. Not... Continue Reading →

From a woman’s heart

Dear all, Thank you for dedicating this one day, 8th of March, to us. We are delighted to have such a special place in all of your hearts. Every year women's day makes us feel proud of what we keep doing all the year. It makes us realise that all the hardwork whether be in... Continue Reading →

Degrees of Enjoyment when travelling:

1° Absorb the beauty and ambiance. 2° Interact with people and experience the things around. 3° Talk and know more about it. 4° Take pictures. 5° Take selfie pictures. And ... 6° Take pictures in different lights and angles. 7° Take selfie pictures in different lights, angle, frames, views... 8° Take pictures from different cameras,... Continue Reading →

Marriage. Because it’s (important)?

Years ago, flowers made love for them on the screen. Today they are coming forward, bold and independent, asking, and more importantly, willing to live together, without any strings attached. It may be a common thing in West but it’s something new in Bollywood and very much noticeable among the youth. For a long time,... Continue Reading →

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