Marriage. Because it’s (important)?

Years ago, flowers made love for them on the screen. Today they are coming forward, bold and independent, asking, and more importantly, willing to live together, without any strings attached. It may be a common thing in West but it’s something new in Bollywood and very much noticeable among the youth.
For a long time, marriage has been the litmus test of love. If a relationship culminates in marriage it is considered successful, a true love. Moreover, people in the relationship are absolved from the so-called tag of commitment phobic. Indeed, marriage is beautiful. When two people are in love, they wish to stay together and marriage is one of the ways to do so, but not the only one.

Love and commitment comes from within, no marriage can build it and no live-in relationship can jeopardise it. When two people are in love, they look for compatibility first. Once it is found, the pillars of trust and loyalty can be built over it. That’s it. We have love, compatibility, loyalty and trust. This is all what has ever been required for a successful relationship. Then how and why is the marriage coming into picture? It shouldn’t. At least for those who don’t want it.
Today, women and men are at par. Both are ambitious about their careers, creating history by making world records in probably all fields. They are breaking social taboos with their boldness and it is for the betterment of the society. They are happy to be in love with each other yet not married, to be living together and yet not having a joint bank account, to be waking up together and dividing the chores accordingly. But despite all this, they are forced to go through the litmus test of marriage. Why? to make babies when all they both want is to reach their goals with the love and support of each other? Or to get legal rights on the properties, so that even if the relationship/marriage fails, their future is secure? Or probably, just for the sake it because everyone does it and they are no more pointed at when in a social gathering? It is difficult to find one strong reason to force someone into marriage.
Marriage is beautiful but only if it’s by choice, may it be love or arranged. Our elders have shown us the power of marriage. Marriage brought them together but it was their love, gradually- growing compatibility and trust that made it stronger over the years. It didn’t come from the pen and paper they signed in the court. It came from the love they fostered for each other after staying together. Have faith in your partner. If you don’t have faith in them, you definitely shouldn’t marry them. And if you do, you don’t need to rush for marriage. Let the love survive. Let it breathe. Let’s not smother it with the weight of marriage and its responsibilities till it is ready for it.

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