Why people (those who do) hate 9 to 5?

1. They have an idea and they need time to spend on it and make it happen.
2. Because tvfplay’s Pitchers has made things pretty clear about how to go and what to do.
But really? What do you really want to do?
We often get frustrated by the work pressure. Even though the salary day eclipses all these negative feelings, the other 29 days are often spent cursing the boss, the management, the tight work schedule, and of course gossiping about colleagues etc. The inability to enjoy holidays, the thirst for that one appreciation, the cravings for freedom of working hours often get us into believing that something is not right with what we are doing.
We start finding a solution, and then we find two. 1) to change the job. 2) to have our own start up.

Nothing wrong in any of these two solutions. Going with 1. will eventually put you in the same cycle of frustration. (there are very very few who enjoy their job to the fullest).
Now let’s talk about 2. Having a start-up these days has become pretty much easier than it was years back with plenty of investors ready to invest in your idea, provided it’s a promising one, or at least you sound promising about it. Although getting that one investor isn’t a cakewalk. Of course, you know how Naveen found that one investor in Pitchers. Go ahead, as long as you are confident about it.
Sometimes, we often get confused about the frustration that we have from our current work and whether we want to fix it or start a new venture altogether. It depends on whether you are ready for the following:
1. Entrepreneurship comes with A LOT more responsibility than you have ever faced in a corporate world. You may be your own boss, but self-discipline is one difficult thing to achieve. And it is a must to have to run your own venture.
2. You may have a great idea but giving it dimensions, colours, bars, pie charts, etc. is no less than raising a new born baby. It involves a lot of care, attention and yes, it may take away your weekends where you could at least sleep while being in a corporate.
3. We often get fooled by the perfectionist trap (where we believe we have made the best but in reality, we have a lot to do). The idea is still just an idea, and the journey from idea -> prototype-> actual product-> market-> is really long. You might have probably spent 2-3 holidays had you still been in some MNC.
There are plenty of disappointments (some even leading to giving up entrepreneurship) but you are on your own to find that one ray of hope.
The decision is easy but the path is pretty rocky, not impossible although. Therefore, before you make your decision find out what you want. Whether you want to create something different or you just want to escape from where you are. And if you still aren’t sure, here’s something for you.
  • Don’t like what you are doing? Ask for a role change. Not getting it? Get a new job with your role of interest. Keep finding till you land on one. Sometimes, you have to choose between a high paycheck and a satisfying job. Make your decision.
  • Don’t like the people you work with? Change your team. Learn some people handling tricks, hmm like it’s spelled something like eye gee en o are ee. I don’t know what it’s exactly called. And finally, be smart. Focus on your quality of work, it’s all that defines you. And remember, you hardly make friends at work, what you make are acquaintances.
  • The facilities like canteen, gym or anything else isnโ€™t good enough? Keep bothering your management with requests to fix it. You deserve good services if you were promised one while joining and you have all the right to ask for the better.
There can be thousands of reasons to hate something if you have made up your mind. Therefore, more than anything it’s important to have a calm and composed mind to scrutinize the actual problem and arrive at the right solution.
In this world with IoT we are ideally not supposed to spend 10-15 hours for just getting that 4-hour work done but unfortunately something is not going right here. Hopefully, someday it will be fixed. Till then, keep your mind healthy by meditating (as boring as it may sound, it’s really helpful if practiced even for 5 days in a row for 15 minutes), keep interacting with new people, subscribe to/watch some comedy shows at the end of the day (even for 15 minutes). Sometimes, just forget about your work to spend quality time with friends and family to rejuvenate.
We all have that one colleague at workplace who is least bothered about deadlines, promotion or reaching on time. He doesn’t care about appraisal but eagerly waits for any tournament or fest to participate. Be like him. He’s getting his salary too, lesser than you maybe, but he’s happy and that is much more valuable than 5% raise you would get with worries and ..hairfall ๐Ÿ˜›
Things can be made fine, all you need is to accept some and ignore some ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, entrepreneurship is not an escape, it’s a new journey.

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