The Perfectly Wrong Guy Every Girl Wishes to Marry

No, we are not looking for someone who doesn’t drink, smoke or go to clubs or parties. We are also not looking for someone who holds a degree from top university or works in an MNC and is of course unbelievably dashing!

We want the one who is just perfectly wrong. Neither too spoiled to land in a jail, nor too good to not even look at a girl.

These perfectly wrong guys exist and there are many, and if you want to find them, you need to get a bit wrong too… perfectly wrong.

10 things I want from my guy!


  1. It begins with the sense of humor. And by that I mean not always serious. Don’t be as funny as Chandler or Joey but like Gerry from P.S. I love you. Enough to make me laugh with your witty/silly jokes, even if they are on me. Because I know you love me and you don’t mean any of them.
  2. in-ps-i-love-you-gerard-butler-23623701-400-268 I have understood that not all men have a good taste in clothes and color. It’s fine even if you are one of them. But sometimes it would be okay if you would ask me to wear any specific color or wear something of my choice. And believe me, for every “how do I look?”, I only need your attention. Because it’s all that matters. So basically, just give me a little bit of your attention. My beauty is FOR YOU.



  1. We are both career oriented. Sometimes you may be way too busy sometimes I could. We both can understand the gravity of situation and decide our priorities. I wouldn’t mind small cute kisses once in a while though, on SMS or on cheeks. What about you? Btw, it would be okay if you couldn’t reply. I would understand. Pyaar Ka Punchnaama wasn’t 100% true. We are all not the same.



  1. House chores. I was told to learn things to keep my husband and family happy. But you know how much I hate cooking and cleaning. We can have a maid for it please. Although once in a while we can try cooking and cleaning when the bai has an off and we can also tick off some of our kitchen/shower romance plans. What do you say?


  1. I want to try the fun side of life. I would love to get high with you, try some crazy stuff, go on long drives, wear some shorts and heels, dance with you in a club or even on our bed. Even if you haven’t tried before, let’s do it once, and see whether this particular wavelength of our matches or not. Believe me, you will love the comfort level we would achieve after this one cool session of fun.



  1. The exes. It’s okay if you have had exes. I had too. None of us knew we would find our soulmates in each other so we kept trying and that’s okay. It shouldn’t be an issue. Now, it’s you just you. And any of our exes wasn’t better than us. We should be lucky to have found each other. We can mention them and laugh at them but comparison? No, no, no, well if it’s something good about me, then you can do that too.


  1. The families. Well, I may love you more than anything but loving your mom as much as mine is a bit difficult and it’s an honest statement. I will respect her, care for her, serve her, never harm her but I also want the privilege of not agreeing with her all the time, with all due respect. And we can have a deal, you get to do the same about my family but nothing to the extremes.


  1. The bank account, money and future management. Could life be any annoying? Everyone wishes to live in the moment but all this secure future rubbish has really ruined our lives. Okay, once in a while we can have a discussion over it and what all policies, bonds, taxes etc. But if I don’t find it interesting, please take care of it. I will do something else in return, like … anything you ask for 😉



  1. Kids. Only when both of US want and not our families or extended families. No more discussion. Or, when one of us is convinced with the other’s arguments.


  1. The bedroom things. I want it as much as you do. We can have lots of fun, experiments, and lots of “other things”. Just be creative, gentle, wild, and everything you should be and shouldn’t be.



I said 10 right, I have 11, 12, 13, 14 … also but if you fit these 10. You are the one!


I know you exist. You are my kind of perfect. Let’s meet and create the best relationship ever.





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