From a woman’s heart

Dear all,

Thank you for dedicating this one day, 8th of March, to us. We are delighted to have such a special place in all of your hearts. Every year women’s day makes us feel proud of what we keep doing all the year. It makes us realise that all the hardwork whether be in terms of work or family has been finally acknowledged. Thank you so much.

Well, yes, it’s true that there’s a lot more we keep asking for, equality, safety, freedom etc. but these too are our rights. Although, what we have today is no less, from sati pratha to remarriage, dowry to no dowry (to a good extent), innumerable child to women healthcare programs, a lot has changed over the time and we are thankful to those who made it happen.

We also want to thank men and other civilised people of our society who have supported us in this struggle to get our rights. Thanks for giving us a society where some of us are bold enough to at least raise our voices. Even though it is unfortunate to see that we have always had to fight for what we deserve. We have managed to get ourselves through till today and one day we will definitely make our way to it. We have earned and got what we wanted in the past and we are pretty sure if we continue with the same growing spirit to get more control on our lives, we will get what’s left to get too.

Even though sometime in the past women only took care of raising a baby, things have changed. Their capability to give birth to new life isn’t a mechanism for which she is needed. It’s a blessing. And it’s entirely her choice to use is wisely and when. And probably this is something whch every husband, family, in-laws should understand if they really believe and support women power. Raising a child needs a lot of attention and whether to do it or not, should entirely be a mother’s decision, followed by the father. More than often, a woman is abused of this very blessing and in a lot of cases, it’s her own family pressurizing her to get a baby.

Through time, women have been doing a tremendous job in proving herself and breaking the societal taboos. They have reached the stars, metaphorically and literally. They deserve a lot more footage than they get, and definitely for different reasons. Women can be beauty queens but they can be wrestlers too. Do not underestimate.Women can make a home and design a thousand feat structure too. Give her the credits. Women can get their babies to sleep and they can rule the music industry too. Do not take her for granted. There may be some who carry makeup kits but there are also many who carry toolkits and laptops. Whether it be any, women have been doing her job perfectly fin in all arenas and we hope to see more of us being recognised in our specialisation.

Let her take care of this on her own. We know the family wants to have a kid in their to play with, to continue the lineage, to take care of the mother and father when they age, but aren’t we building tons of hopes already on an unborn child? And moreover, on the lady who is not even prepared for it becuase she thought making her family proud was more important?

Give ladies their space and time. Things will change dramatically. Stop putting any pressure on her. Let her shop as much with her own money. Let her marry at her own time. Let her have/ not have a kid. Let her take rest when she has periods and getting mood swings. Let her work late till night when she is willing to. Let her decide the definition of comfortable and easy clothes. Stop looking at her as if she doesn’t belong to this place. One glance is more than enough to decide whether to praise her or ignore her, and then mind your own business.vAnd that’s it. We have already taken many steps to make this world a better place for us.

Thank you for reading and understanding this letter from a woman’s heart. Also, if you ever fight for us with those thugs who eve tease, or oggle at us, thank you 🙂


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