Need Suggestions!

I need a life where

  1. I can wake up early and do some yoga/exercise for an hour.
  2. Give 15-20 minutes to newspaper reading.
  3. Have a healthy breakfast. Nothing in fancy but  enough to give me nutrition to work all day. Also, I don’t like cooking so should have enough money to afford a maid.
  4. Not spend more than 30 minutes to travel to work or better, don’t travel to work at all.
  5. When I reach work. I work and not gossip or induldge in any kind of politics. I want to do work where talent, information, creativity blossoms, not negativity.
  6. The workplace doesn’t need to be an MNC or anything but just a happy place with cool people.
  7. At lunch, we have a healthy lunch in canteen or a nearby food outlet, we get back to work.
  8. If required, I be allowed to take a power nap of 15 minutes.
  9. When not feeling well, I should be able to work from home and that too without any guilt.
  10. Also, there shouldn’t be any strict in and out timings. Work should be measured by the output.
  11. I leave for home as soon as there’s nothing to be done and not untill my boss has left or permitted me to leave.
  12. I reach home happily. Relax, have dinner (from my maid). Spend some family time. I don’t want to feel tired and go to bed immediately. I want to live outside of work too.
  13. I go to bed and get ample amount of sleep to wake up with a smile the other morning and not exhausted.
  14. I want to have a life where I look forward to the next day.
  15. I also want to go on long holidays for a month or so where I don’t have to worry about losing my job, where I can work even from thousand miles away.
  16. I want to live my life to the fullest and I need to know how can I do it.

What I know, is this is life. Eat, Work, Play and travelling in between.


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