The disappointment of being out of the rat race

There are so many success stories out there. Stories which say how failure was a part of every success that stands tall today. Stories that say how perseverance won over challanges. Stories where new records were made on the coffins of societal pressure.

While looking forward to making one such story, here I am, an ordinary person writing this blog. How many more stories would be there where significant amount of hardwork was done and yet recognization was never achieved? The stories where plummeting confidence won over the fire of midnight lamp? I guess many more. And they are not known by anyone because nobody ever cared about the hardwork unless it became an overnight success.

It sucks! it really sucks to not be a part of the rat race. To walk on a different path. The inconveniences, the failures, the disappointments, the discouragements, the pressure to do something conventional, everything attacks at once. And with each disappointment, all of these easy options seem right. A regret runs through to be not doing anything which everyone’s doing. Above all, is social media. Internet doesn’t leave you no matter where you go. And with internet follows Facebook, instagram, whatsapp etc. where people never cease to post pictures, videos and what not that we all wish to do but our time, money or goal doesn’t permit. In fact, we don’t even know if we will ever be able to live our dreams, click similar pctures and be famous on social media because we don’t know where we are going.

Here I am, writing, as I feel the pain of not being able to find what to do next. Of course I am blessed with food, home and clothes but there’s a lot more I need. A lot more I have but I can’t do because things aren’t just as easy.


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