Honest period article because I never found anything as related as this one.

Periods are one of the most underrated topics ever. It’s “that time of the month.”, “It sucks.” , “It hurts” etc. are only what we read everywhere. I would have really loved an article which could truly describe periods but apparently it is something that cannot be talked clear and loud in public so there are memes and articles disguise it as something about which we can laugh or chill.

I really want the world to know and accept the truth because unless it is out there, nobody will ever care about it as much as it deserves. So here I am, mentioning it in points so that it is clear and well understood by those who get it and those who don’t.

  • Periods come every month. True, but for a lot of girls the days shift by 5- days (normal), for some it shifts by 10 + (a serious matter and a doctor must be consulted), the point is a lot of times we are only anxious of having it any time of the day (yes, not ncessarily in the mornings only) when the time is around.
  •  A few days before period comes, we start getting cramps, some of them are really bad. Though they are a signal that the time is around, it is not everytime a case. It’s a surprise.
  • Carrying a sanitary napkin to the washroom is not easy and it’s only because of the taboo that people knowing that you are on periods is something shameful. We really need to get rid of it and understand that it’s a natural thing and women don’t need to feel any hesitation while doing so.
  • When we are on periods, we really hate getting up once we have settled in a place, walking too much, changing place again and again etc. Reasons: While we do so the flow gets heavy and it’s kind of disgusting. Also, the back and everything below the waist hurts real bad.
  • Yes, coming to the cramps, they really really hurt bad and we either want to just lie down or die at that moment. Unfortunately, since we are never able to tell people about our periods, we are also never able to tell people about the pain.
  • About the advertisements of sanitary napkins we see on TV, the women jumping, dancing wearing whites etc. I am not sure, but there are very few who would take the risk of doing it. I find those ads just ADVERTISEMENT, they aren’t even 50% true. And believe me, no matter how good the sanitary pad is, we always fear stain on days of heavy flow.
  • We hate going to the washroom and having the sight of it. And a lot of therefore, prefer to drink lesser water/drinks than usual to avoid it.
  • It gets really hot down there wearing those thick cottony pads around the most delicate areas. When we walk, it rubs through the skin and we often get rashes too.
  • We go through a hell of mood swings. We feel that no one is bothered about how much we suffer and we seek love, pampering, care from everyone around so no matter how cranky we get on those days, please stay nice to us or t may get worse.

This is all I can tell you for now and make a few request to both men and women.

Request to all men:

  • We are yet not comfortable talking about it, give us some more time. And if we say we are not feeling well, try avoiding “What happened?” question and just let us go.
  • It is quite difficult to do things at usual pace on those days and believe me travelleing for 2 km to work, working, coming back and taking care of home are the some of the worst nightmares we live. If possible, (to the office managers), grant us a few hours off if we ask or just make a system for us to have it.
  • It would be great if someone could give us a back or feat masage during those days, it feels really heavenly. Also, helping us in daily chores would be most welcome too.

Request to women:

  • It may not be common but start getting vocal about your pain because unless you share, you will never be able to get what you seek.
  • The other women, you very well understand how it is so please help your fellow colleagues, friends, relatives during those days and expect the same when it’s your turn.


That’s all on periods people. Please consider it informative and get a cue.


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